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Blue Ridge

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Center

Teletherapy Available for Adults in NC




Purpose of Blue Ridge CBT Center

Blue Ridge CBT Center is committed to increasing access to effective and compassionate therapy for adults across NC.

Blue Ridge CBT Center is dedicated to following the science of therapy. We specialize in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) because they are proven to be the some of the most efficient and effective methods for the concerns we treat. We want you to get the most out of your investment in therapy by offering proven methods with the shortest treatment periods.


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Anxiety Counseling

Some anxiety can be helpful, but too much can feel out of control. Common types of anxiety are Generalized Anxiety, OCD, and Panic Disorder.

Depression Counseling

Depression can involve mood swings, loss of pleasure, and increased day time fatigue. Learn how to effectively respond to depression with CBT and ACT.

Insomnia Counseling

Ten to twenty percent of the population struggles with chronic insomnia at any given time. CBT for insomnia is the gold standard treatment for insomnia.

Chronic Pain Counseling

1 in 5 Americans live with chronic pain. Therapeutic interventions like CBT and ACT can help you learn how to manage your pain and live a full life.

Tinnitus Counseling

Tinnitus impacts an estimated 15% of the population. For some it can lead to high levels of distress. Learn how to manage tinnitus by using proven CBT methods.