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4 Ways to Prepare for Effective Online Therapy

Nowadays almost everything can be done from the comfort of home, including therapy. While this is an exciting development, it is important to set some boundaries around therapy at home to help maximize the benefits. Here are 4 things you can do to ensure you make the most out of your investment into your online therapy experience.

Safeguard your privacy

Find a spot that is private. The confidentiality of your therapy sessions is a sacred thing and deserves to be protected. Finding a time and space that you won’t be interrupted can help maintain the flow of the session.

Get comfortable

While this is not an option for everybody, do what you can to infuse the space we will be sharing with heartwarming comforts. Make a cup of your favorite coffee or tea, put on some cozy socks, or invite your household pet to snuggle up and join us for our session. Reward yourself for the effort you are putting towards living the life you want.

Minimize Distractions

If you share a home with others it can be helpful to do what you can to decrease the chance of an interruption. This looks different for everyone. Small things like a post-it note on the outside of your private space, closing out of tabs, and turning your phone on silent can help to protect the time you’ve set aside for this important work.

Transitions into and out of session

The drive to and from an office for a therapy visit can serve as an important time to decompress. While it is nice to save time on the commute and cost of gas, clients often find that the time driving can be useful for processing after a session. Be kind to yourself and set aside some time to adjust back to your daily routine after a virtual therapy session. Going for a walk, listening to a meaningful song, or snuggling up with your furry friends are some great ways to do this.


To get the most out of online therapy try to protect the time as if you are going to a physical office space. Having some practical habits designed to lead into the session and some comforting rituals after ending the session can help maximize the benefits of therapy. While many of you are opting for online therapy because it works well with your busy schedule, giving yourself the gift of a couple of minutes before and after each session to honor the effort you are putting into living a meaningful life can make a world of difference.

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