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Insurance & Rates

Blue Ridge CBT Center is considered an out-of-network provider by most insurance plans. We do not maintain direct contracts with any health insurance companies. Our counseling fees reflect the time used for enhancing treatment knowledge, conducting research, and the individualized treatment planning that goes into each session as well as the time spent together in each session. Our current fee structure is listed below. If you would like to learn about ways you may use your health insurance plan to receive compensation for sessions with an out-of-network provider please read on.

Individual Counseling Fees

90-Minute Initial Intake Session – $175

60-Minute Counseling Session – $150

45-Minute Counseling Session – $125

30-Minute Counseling Session – $75

Group Counseling Fees

60-Minute Intake & Screening – $150

90-Minute Group Session – $50

How to get Out-of-Network Reimbursement

Blue Ridge CBT Center provides documentation, known as a superbill, that you can submit to your insurance plan. The majority of insurance plans have out-of-network benefits. You will have access to invoices with the proper codes for services provided and diagnostic categories that are required for reimbursement. With out-of-network compensation you are responsible to pay the full session cost at the time of service and you will be directly reimbursed by your insurance company according to the terms of your insurance plan. It is possible that your insurance does not cover therapy or may only cover some of the charges. Please contact your insurance provider and directly ask for questions about coverage.

Questions for Your Insurance Company

Do I have ‘out of network’ benefits for mental health services?

Do I need pre-authorization for regular therapy appointments?

Does my plan have a deductible that needs to be met?

What will my cost for service be when I begin therapy?


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